Designs for Secret Gardens

If you are fond of hearing birdsongs, smelling the fresh scents of flowers, and inhaling fresh air, a secret garden may just be the perfect haven for you. You can create a secluded space to enjoy quiet moments inside your garden. It can be a place where family members gather to catch up with each other’s lives or a space just for you in order to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and a marvelous book. Whatever the reason, we are here to bring you different inspirations to create a secret garden.

You can do a scenic overlook. To make this, put a couple of chairs in a space that overlooks a lovely cluster of flowers, tall trees, woodlands, or a waterfall. You should use wooden chairs and the view should only be seen at the end of a stone path. You can plant bushes at the end of the path so that the space is not that conspicuous.

Consider building a pergola. It should be built using logs and branches to have a rustic feel. You have the option to put trailing plants and bushes around it. You can place a coffee table and a comfortable sofa beneath its boughs.

You can build a banquette in the garden. To have an indoor feel, decorate its walls with fairy lights. Put a wooden table in the middle and there should be 2 seats facing each other. Plant trees beside the banquette. Fill the surroundings with peach and purple flowers. You can also build a stone path that leads directly to the back of the house for easy access and added privacy.

A woodland gazebo can be the best choice if you want shelter from the rain. Build a rustic gazebo made of wood in the middle of the garden. You can choose a location that has plenty of trees. Plant bushes and colorful flowers on the side and build a stone path on the entrance of the gazebo. The stone path can be lined with trees and bushes so you can breathe fresh air while walking towards the gazebo.

Here are just some of the tips for making a private garden. You can also build a nook on your front yard if you want. You should always enjoy a private chat or a cup of coffee when you are inside your secret garden.

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