Interior Decoration Secrets by Pros

Are you a budding interior designer who wants to be a professional? Then, you have come into the right place. We are here to let you know about a lot of interior designing secrets that are used by pros all over the world.

You can start with making a palette or color scheme for the whole house. An ideal palette would be to use light color values for the ceiling, medium color values for the walls, and dark color values for the floor. Start with the living room and make a variation of colors on the next rooms. For example, you can place a red sofa on the living room while the sofa in the den is colored burgundy. Shades that are analogous in the color wheel make a good combination. The blue and green are relaxing to the eyes and are suited to the bedroom or other private spaces. Add black colors to kitchen’s cabinets for impact. Make sure to divide the colors in 60-30-10 ratio. 60 percent is for the dominant color, 30 percent is for the secondary color, and 10 percent is for the accents. This ratio balances the colors and it creates an eye-pleasing effect.

Create height by using low furniture. Not everybody has a high-ceilinged house or apartment. The trick here is to use low and horizontal furniture that can make the ceilings feel much taller. Large mirrors can give you a feeling that a cramped room offers more space.

Texture can help in amplifying the effect of neutral decors. You can use linen, taffeta, raw silk or cotton on any furniture. You should also look for balance when working with neutrals. A way to bring out the softness of chairs is to use a wooden countertop table. You should consider what paint finish to use. Matte sheens are for absorbing light while lustrous sheens are for reflecting light.

For painting the walls, use 50 percent of a lighter color than the base, and 150 percent for the darker color. It can be a very architectural way of painting stripes to your bedroom walls.

These are just some of the interior decorating tips that you can follow. You can discover a lot more if you do internet research or buy a book that is intended for interior designing.

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