Create a Secret Garden

Whether you live in a city or on a lane, you have the opportunity to create a secret garden. This place will give you a sense of privacy and will give you the feeling that you are being transported to another place. Here are the tips on how to make a secret garden.

Build a hidden entrance. Entrances are important to any gardens and it is especially essential in a secret garden. It marks the area where you are making a passage to a private space. You can put a hidden door between redwood trees. The trees will help obscure the garden beyond and it will add a touch of mystery. A door draped with vines will also do the trick. Make sure that the gate fully hides the garden beyond it.

You should build an inviting place inside the garden. It can be as simple as a coffee table with two chairs where you can enjoy a private chat. You can also plant bushes or add fences around the place for added privacy.

If you live in a city and the garden overlooks a neighbor’s window, you can plant evergreen hedges around it. You can turn to building tall fences, plant trees that have leafy canopies, and have layered plants all around the place. You can build a wooden pergola in the middle of it. Add a coffee table and a comfortable pair of chairs.

You can go for untamed and naturalistic planting around the garden. Add perennials, billowing grasses, and native plants to your secret garden. You can balance the look by adding a sheared hedge or a clipped shrub inside it. If you live in the city, you can do a naturalistic look by planting vines on a container. You can plant honeysuckle, wisteria or a climbing rose for color.

You can add curving or disappearing paths on your secret garden. A pathway that is filled with trees and shrubs can draw visitors into your secret garden. You can add mystery by adding offset stepping stones, and straight paths that instantly curves out of sight.

To make the look complete, add subtle and glowing lighting on your garden. You can use fairy lights for the ambience. Lights can also help in extending the time that you spend in your garden and they can also be use for safety by illuminating pathways.

If you created your own secret garden, share it to us and make sure to provide pictures to encourage other readers to try doing it.

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