Do it yourself vs. hiring an Interior Decorator

You alone can determine if you can develop the space yourself or if you need to hire a professional to do the job. Creating a good home takes a lot of time and money. You have to make sure that you will be contented with the look of your house in the years to come. It is common nowadays that some hire professionals to do the job for them. However, there are some that prefers to work on their own. It gives them the opportunity to create everything from scratch and add some personal touches along the way.  We highlighted some differences to help you decide which path is suitable for you.

The possibility is that before you decide to do a major decoration, you must have already decided the pieces of furniture that you want to use. Hiring a decorator can require a lot of communication in order for them to implement the concept that you want. There are also some people that are not very specific with details. They know if they like the finished arrangement the moment that they see it without defining the details that make that design great. In that case, an interior decorator can provide you with multitude of options and you should consider hiring one.

Do it yourself takes time. Even though it’s worth it in the end, you have to think thoroughly if you are prepared to undergo the process of finding contractors and painting walls on your own. But if you have lots of time and enjoy doing decorations, DIY is a good option. Aside from learning and honing new skills, it will be a source of pride in the future especially if you’ve done great. However, if you are a person who values time, it can be better to consult a professional. They will be the one who will find the materials and contractors needed for the job. All you have to do is to give your final approval if you like their ideas.

Hiring a decorator is costly. Some decorators charge $70-$300/hour. There are also unforeseen costs that you need to look out for. If you are willing to spend a sizeable amount of money, then make sure to interview your decorators thoroughly. Ask about the services that they offer and make sure that you are getting the value of the money that you’re paying for. It’s your decision whether you want to hire a decorator or not. You can ask a friend’s recommendation for decorators and see if their previous work adheres to your taste.

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